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Our Story

For Creators. By Creators.

Art should weave into the fabric of our everyday lives, a celebration of creativity that goes beyond museum walls and Instagram grids. This mission is what sparked our journey 30 years ago – a project born from the desire to create wearable works of art for creators, by creators.

We partner with artists

At Projects, the spotlight isn't on us, but on the incredible artists and their creations. In our world, the artist and their vision take center stage. It's not just a collaboration; it's a partnership to manifest their creative dreams into tangible products that reach the world.

Persistent - Projects Watches

Watches As Our Project.

Visually, watches have kind of been in a time warp. That's where our passion kicks in. With our incredible artists leading the charge, we're on a mission to break the mold, to explore uncharted territories in watch design, and to create timepieces that are not just functional but wearable works of art.