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Article: Diana Pietrzyk

Diana Pietrzyk

Diana Pietrzyk

We sat down with Diana, an incredibly talented creator from Chicago, to tell us a little bit more about her creative process and style. Get to know a bit more about her before she releases her watch with us later this year! 

Diana Pietrzyk - Chicago, IL, @dyanapyehchek

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your story?

I am a multidimensional creator with a love for things that twinkle and glow! My creativity is expansive and ranges in all sorts of mediums. Whatever I envision, I make it happen. A lot of my influence comes from science and a love for the cosmos. As a child art was always my outlet for expression and a way to explore my curiosities/ feelings. I loveeeee science and almost pursued it as an adolescent but my heart gravitated towards art. This is why i love to treat my work as an experiment always. 


We’re all about celebrating creators (artists, photographers, chefs, entrepreneurs, etc.) and their projects—whatever that might be. So, what’s your project?

My project is motion art and illustration. I mean,  I actually have a lot of projects going on but those are my main ones. 

Why do you feel passionate about your project?

I feel passionate about my expression and what I daydream about. I am not one with many words so making visual work is how I bring my imagination and feelings to life.

Three words to describe your work/craft.

Colorful, sci-fi, multidimensional

What impact do you intend for your project to have on others? 

 I want to take people to another part of their imagination. My imagination is my voice and i want to encourage everyone to explore theirs.

For some creators we’ve spoken to, they say the act of creating renews their energy and spirit. For others, it’s a ritual that calms them day-to-day. What does the act of creating do for you?

Creating is in my soul. It is my purpose for living. I have the freedom of expression I think we all desire in one form or another. It's my world.

What advice do you have for other creators?

Create for yourself always. Do not create for other people or try to please others with your art. 

How do you stay inspired to create? Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by my daydreams. I guess my mind tends to live in another place all the time. I see things in the world and they just trigger this urge to take a photo, doodle or make a motion story out of it. 

Who do you think is doing awesome work right now? Nominate another creator (or a few!) -- feel free to include their instagram handles here as well so we can give them a shoutout directly!! 

If I could I would name so many people, but a couple other amazing illustrators/ painters I admire would be Kira Rasure (@pocket_Kira), Langston Allston (@langstonallston), and Tim Singleton (@timsingleton) There is so much personality in the work they do. 

One more! Anelly Vazquez (@xfrgmnts) is a SUPER talented 3D artist/ animator!

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