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Atemporal Collection

Atemporal Collection

These timepieces make you question how - and why - you’ve been telling time all along. Bright, playful and sometimes a bit chaotic - these watches remind you to not take life too seriously, and focus on the spirit of design over function.

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DancheongDancheong - Projects Watches
Dancheong Sale price$179.00
Ray OrangeRay Orange
Ray Orange Sale price$179.00
Bauhaus SteelBauhaus Steel - Projects Watches
Bauhaus Steel Sale price$149.00 Regular price$169.00
Pride - Projects WatchesPride - Projects Watches
Pride Sale price$159.00
Crossover Black - Projects WatchesCrossover Black
Crossover Black Sale price$169.00
Diagram 17Diagram 17
Diagram 17 Sale price$169.00
Bauhaus BlackBauhaus Black
Bauhaus Black Sale price$149.00 Regular price$169.00
5 O'Clock5 O'Clock - Projects Watches
5 O'Clock Sale price$149.00
XelaXela - Projects Watches
Xela Sale price$169.00
Vertere Sale price$179.00
Askew Sale price$149.00
Ode to DelaunayOde to Delaunay
Ode to Delaunay Sale price$179.00
Blue RayBlue Ray
Blue Ray Sale price$179.00
Crossover Black MeshCrossover Black Mesh - Projects Watches
Crossover Black Mesh Sale price$129.00 Regular price$179.00
Crossover SteelCrossover Steel - Projects Watches
Crossover Steel Sale price$169.00
Zero GravityZero Gravity
Zero Gravity Sale price$135.00 Regular price$169.00
Crossover Steel MeshCrossover Steel Mesh - Projects Watches
Crossover Steel Mesh Sale price$179.00
Projects Watches Gift Card - Projects Watches
Projects Watches Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
1925 Sale price$149.00 Regular price$179.00