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The Builders Collection

The Builders

These watches are designed by people who build beautiful things, and who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Dimensional, structural and architectural - this collection is built for those who connect the dots and go brick by brick to create.

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Bauhaus SteelBauhaus Steel - Projects Watches
Bauhaus Steel Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Twirler SteelTwirler Steel
Twirler Steel Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Vault Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Crossover BlackCrossover Black
Crossover Black Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Terra-Time GrayTerra-Time Gray
Terra-Time Gray Sale price$184.00 Regular price$244.00
Hatch SteelHatch Steel
Hatch Steel Sale price$170.00 Regular price$217.00
Bauhaus BlackBauhaus Black
Bauhaus Black Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Terra-Time SteelTerra-Time Steel - Projects Watches
Terra-Time Steel Sale price$206.00 Regular price$258.00
Gradient Sale price$206.00 Regular price$258.00
Grand Tour OrangeGrand Tour Orange - Projects Watches
Grand Tour Orange Sale price$217.00 Regular price$271.00
Vertere Sale price$195.00 Regular price$244.00
'Till Black'Till Black
'Till Black Sale price$176.00 Regular price$230.00
'Till Steel'Till Steel
'Till Steel Sale price$184.00 Regular price$230.00
Hatch BlackHatch Black - Projects Watches
Hatch Black Sale price$173.00 Regular price$217.00
Crossover SteelCrossover Steel - Projects Watches
Crossover Steel Sale price$176.00 Regular price$230.00
Grand Tour ShiitakeGrand Tour Shiitake - Projects Watches
Grand Tour Shiitake Sale price$162.00 Regular price$271.00
Projects Watches Gift Card - Projects Watches
Projects Watches Gift Card Sale priceFrom $34.00
Crossover Steel MeshCrossover Steel Mesh - Projects Watches
Crossover Steel Mesh Sale price$184.00 Regular price$244.00