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단청; 丹靑

Like water, sun, and wind, time flows. As it flows, so do the memories we keep. Memories, like a riverbed, are always changing, and so is the dynamic face of this timepiece. 

Dancheong is one of the oldest styles of traditional architecture in Korea. It is a decorative pattern using the elements of nature in a simplistic and abstract form. 

The green dot represents the hour and the orange dot indicates minutes. 

The black abstract pieces never cease to flow; like nature and like memories.

Hannah Sung a.k.a. meowyoface meshed the traditional style of Korea with what she knows the best, being not so traditional. Many time pieces represent the meaning of living in the present. This piece was inspired by memories of the past; full of scars but also filled with love. We all heal with time. 

What is Dancheong?

It represents the Korean traditional colors that decorate the wooden architecture in Joseon Dynasty (1392-1896) The dancheong style is based on five colors; blue, white, red, black, and yellow. The method of using the five colors is related to the yin and yang principals, and the Philosophy of the five elements.

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Dancheong Sale price$195.00 Regular price$244.00

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Hannah Sung

About the Creator

Hannah Sung

Hannah Sung is a Korean American visual artist who straddles the line between commercial and fine art. She is a former member of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (SILA). Her client list includes FOX, Sony, Disney Imagineering, Netflix, Hulu, Fisher-Price, A&E, Paramount, FX, and many more. Her work on the Deadpool vinyl packaging and Planet of the Apes tote bag packaging for the Comic-Con promotional pieces won Gold awards at the 2017 Clio ceremony. She is currently focusing on creating fashion inspired by Asian culture, anime, and manhwa as her alter ego, Meowyoface. She showcases her work mostly on Tiktok and Instagram. She likes French fries but considers curly fries as an abomination. If you disagree and want to argue with her, you know where to find her.