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Antoine Predock Vincent Black Lightning Clock

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Antoine Predock Vincent Black Lightning Clock

[blockquote style="" align="right" author="- Richard Thompson (From his album, 'Rumor and Sigh')"]"In my opinion, there's nothing in this world
Beats a '52 Vincent and a Redheaded girl.
Now Nortons and Indians and Greaves won't do.
Oh, they don't have a Soul like Vincent '52.[/blockquote]

Antoine Predock's Vincent Black Lightning Clock shows Predock's love for motorcycles that goes back many years from when he rode his first bike. What better way to honor his own beloved Black Shadow than to design a Clock after the Vincent Black Lightning.

The Vincent Black Lightning Clock is a free-hand drawing by famed Southwest Architect Antoine Predock. It is made of spun aluminum with silk-screened indices on the edge of the case for each hour. The hands are "extra thin" for 'speed' as it travels around the clock. It measures 13 1/2" in diameter and operates on one AA battery (not included).

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