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The most important meal of the day is celebrated with this fun, whimsical design from the mind of artist, Claire Desjardins. With a full serving of breakfast items present in this timepiece, you’re going to need some utensils to dig in. Look to the fork for the hour, the knife for the minute, and the spoon if you’d like seconds. Each Breakfast comes with both a red and a white band made of silicone.

There is no wrong time to enjoy breakfast, and this watch proves it.

Ships in June

Claire Desjardins

Claire Desjardins is an abstract painter and textile artist based in Gore, Quebec, Canada who regularly exhibits her work throughout North America. Her paintings delve into the visual possibilities of gesture and color; emphasizing energetic, animated brush strokes and bold and colorful palettes. She also strives to communicate a sense of the personal and unpredictable in her work, infusing her paintings with this sense of immediacy and depth of emotional expression.



Weight: 1.0 lbs

Diameter: 40mm (1.57")

Height: 8.85mm (0.35")

Colors: Red, White, Yellow

Material: Stainless Steel

Water-resistant: up to 3 ATM

Movement: Japanese Quartz

Band Size: 20mm

Band Color: White, Red

Band Material: Silicone

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