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Available with Stainless Steel Mesh Band

Projects Watch

Projects Watch a design by Laurinda Spear  is a tour into the dimensions of colorfulness. The seconds minutes and hours pass across the evolving colors of Chroma's dial displaying a kaleidoscope Munsell measurement (the Munsell Measurement is the standard measure of three dimensions of color: tone, value and color purity).

While Chroma's numerals change color every second, the hour hand colors merge from one color palette to another more gradually creating beautiful hues of the color spectrum. How does Chroma Laurinda Spear Design Watch work?  It is constructed with two color wheels.  One behind the seconds causing the numbers to change covers every few seconds and the second color wheel is behind the hour hand causing the hour hand to change 16 colors over a twelve hour period. Chroma is a 38mm diameter (1.50") and 8.7mm high (0.34") unisex watch utilizing Swiss parts. It is made of all brushed stainless steel and is water resistant to 150ft. Chroma comes with a butterysoft black leather band and matching buckle that has no visible lugs, providing a seamless connection from band to watch case.

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