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Daniel Libeskind Watch

The Daniel Libeskind Watch is the famed architects first watch for Projects.  Man has been in dance with time since time began. Daniel Libeskind has translated this concept into an eloquent watch.

The two figures representing the hour and minute move across a dial inscribed with Spinoza's Latin text on time and a Greek text on Plato's notion of time.

Time acquires a metaphorical dimension as the red second hand rotates independently while the dancing movement of the black hour figure is permanently shadowed by the gray minute figure.

While Daniel Libeskind's work has been exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide and his buildings have graced the covers of Time magazine, Newsweek, Architectural Record and the Wall Street Journal, Dancing Tiime, is his first watch and first design for PROJECTS

Time pictured is ACTUAL TIME:

Hour hand: black figure with red dot to indicate precise time

Minute hand: gray figure with red dot to indicate precise time

Dancing Time measures 38mm in diameter (1.5") and 8.50mm high (0.34"). It is made of stainless steel and complimented by a 20mm (3/4") black leather band with red stitching that matches the time adjusting crown.

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