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Dèjà Vu - Have We Been Here?

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Dèjà Vu Wristwatch - Have We Been Here?

“Dèjà Vu All Over Again”

― Yogi Berra

Dèjà Vu Wristwatch - Have We Been Here?  Sweep of Time or what time leaves behind is the perfect description for Dèjà Vu.  The hour hand, the smaller of the two is a yellow opaque at the edge of the hour and gradually moves to a more transparent yellow in the wake of the hour. The same is true of the minute hand but becomes more interesting as it passes over the hour hand leaving a clear path of the Dèjà Vu or particles below.  Deja Vu Wristwatch - Have We Been Here Before?

[blockquote style="" align="right" author="- Denis Guidone"]This watch contemplates time. Time is present, here and now. Yet at the same time a memory as the hours and minutes leave a 'gradient' in its wake representing both past and present with the passage of time. Memories overlap creating a deja vu.[/blockquote]

Jamais vu (from French, meaning "never seen") is a term in psychology which is used to describe any familiar situation which is not recognized by the observer. Presque vu is similar to, but distinct from, the phenomenon called tip of the tongue, a situation when someone cannot recall a familiar word or name, but with effort one eventually recalls the elusive memory. In contrast, déjà vu is a feeling that the present situation has occurred before, but the details are elusive because the situation never happened before...The Deja Vu Watch repeats every hour, but, somehow...has it happened before?

Dèjà Vu Wristwatch - Have We Been Here measures 33mm in diameter (1.30") and 8.00mm high (0.32") making it a perfect unisex size! The IP plated black stainless steel case is complemented by an 18mm black mesh stainless steel band

Dèjà Vu Wristwatch - Have We Been Here is available with a black leather strap.

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