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Paesaggio Scarf Michael Graves Design

Paesaggio Scarf  Michael Graves Design

"Paesaggio" (which means landscape in Italian) is a silk version of a Graves mural called "Industrial Landscape," created as part of his series of paintings and drawings exploring the theme of the Archaic Landscape. These evocative compositions include assemblages of simple geometric building forms placed within fictional landscapes that are reminiscent of the designer's beloved Tuscany.

While studying architecture in Rome in the 60s, Michael Graves fell in love.  In love with the color, architecture and landscapes that this wondrous country beheld.  All of Graves' architecture has been influenced by his experience.  But, in nowhere else other than the Paesaggio Scarf has it been expressed so literally.  Gazing at the scarf his iconic design style is everywhere from the structures themselves, the greenery and landscape and the post modern feel throughout.  A picture does tell a thousand stories.

Paesaggio Scarf Michael Graves Design measures 13" wide and 60" long and is made entirely of silk.  Paesaggio can liven up attire, add a pop of color to a coat or simply accessorize a beautiful outfit. The Paesaggio Scarf makes a wonderful accessory to our Michael Graves' blue dial watches such a the Ladies Witherspoon or unisex watches.

If modern and contemporary is your style, go with a look from Projects Scarfs.  Also, be sure to check out The Absence Scarf designed by Richard Gluckman.  At this price, why not liven up your wardrobe with both!

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