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Gwathmey Siegel Mandala Clock

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Gwathmey-Siegel Mandala Clock, 1999

The Gwathmey-Siegel Mandala Clock was designed by renown Architect Charles Gwathmey. The word "Mandala" translates into circle or polygon. It also is a sense of being centering on knowing the "right thing to do."

Today, "Mandala" is most frequently associated with Tibet. It is a form of movement in meditation; a slow even flow that reinforces the Buddhist belief in emptying the mind and being totally one with the present.

It is easy to understand why Gwathmey-Siegel chose Mandala for their clock design. Not only is there an obvious geometric connection; but as time moves our soul and mind continually renew. Mandala lures us into its movement making this design not only "magical" but full of allegoric associations.

The Gwathmey-Siegel Mandala Clock has a round disc as an hour hand, yellow minute hand and a red second hand. It operates on one AA battery (not included).

This clock was manufactured from 1999-2000 and was part of the Projects Building Timepieces Collection.

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