Kisho Kurokawa

Kisho Kurokawa Inspiration Desk Clock

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Kisho Kurokawa Inspiration Desk Clock designed by one of the foremost contemporary architects of Japan. Kurokawa’s use of geometric figures is in keeping with his strong sense of balance in all his work. Kurokawa employs his concept of “abstract symbolism” throughout his work.

The hour hand encases each number decidedly leaving little doubt of the certainty of time. This “easy to read” alarm clock is a favorite for those difficult to focus eyes in the morning. Its rich wine red color compliments both a night stand, desk or side table in stated elegance.

The Inspiration alarm clock has a four level ascending ring guaranteed to wake the hardiest of sleepers and comes with a battery and is gift boxed.

Kisho Kurokawa Inspiration Desk Clock is currently out of production.

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