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Lost Time Sliding Dial Watch

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Lost Time Sliding Dial Watch

The dial slides into the abyss of time!

Lost Time Sliding Dial Watch shows the dial slipping away.  This is all an illusion since as long as you where the "12" position is on any watch, time is easily discernible.  Lost Time cannot help but bring a smile to your face.

While it is reported that Lost Time has both a traffic implication referring to the time lost in an intersection by stopping and starting as well as time missing having to do with the supernatural, we are happy to report that neither of these two explanations are correct.  Lost Time is literal....the time is lost as evidenced by it slipping away from the dial!

The Lost Time Sliding Dial Was Fredi Brodmann's design for PROJECTS.  It combines design and whimsy. Inspired by the love of cartoon characters, Lost Time is characterized by a dial sliding into the abyss of time.

Lost Time Sliding Dial Watch is available with either a red leather band...why not order the extra band and you can change the color with your mood!

[blockquote style="" align="" author=""]One cannot help but smile looking at Lost Time which is Not only a physical illusion, but mocks the seriousness of time.[/blockquote]

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