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While we are not certain that this Lunaround moon watch will help you forecast the tides or even the next Harvest Moon, we are certain that the Lunaround will move and rotate as does the actual moon!

The Lunaround Watch is a black IP stainless steel watch measuring 40mm in diameter. The red minute and second hands punctuate the "luna" or moon shaped hour hand that rotates one complete cycle every 12 hours not unlike its namesake. Within the center of the moon (hour hand), the hour digits can also be seen moving. Be sure to check out our video, it shows Lunaround in action. Look carefully, because not only is the hour hand moving showing the hour numbers inside, but, the entire round "moon" is rotating as well.

The Lunaround Watch is gray and black and accented with red hands making it the perfect timepiece for both day or evening wear.

Lunaround is a unisex watch measuring 40mm (1.57") in diameter and 8.8mm (0.35") high. Lunaround measures 10" from end to end with 7" to the closest hole and 8 ¾" inches from the farthest hole.  Lunaround is made of a black IP stainless steel and comes with a 20mm (3/4") black leather band. An optional black silicone
band is also available.

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