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Michael Graves Square Watch

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Michael Graves Square Watch

Michael Graves Square Watch – the second watch designed for PROJECTS utilizes a Swiss movement.  The production of this watch came soon after the first Michael Graves Watch for Projects; the "Oh Watch".  The Michael Graves Square Watch shared many of the same components as the Oh Watch with the obvious exception of it being square and not round.  The band to this watch was a one piece strap that fed through the bottom of the case and secured with two stainless steel loops on the bottom.

First produced with a white dial and black band, the Michael Graves Square Watch was eventually produced with black, gray and other color dials along with many different color band accessories.

This watch eventually gave way to the Graves III Watch and solidified The Graves Projects relationship.  From there, Graves and Projects went on to design dozens more watches, cookie jars, bathroom accessories, mailboxes, weathervanes and many other unique and interesting products.

The Michael Graves Square Watch was produced from 1993 to 1996.

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