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Moshe Safdie Crystal Palace





Just six years after earning a degree in architecture from McGill University in 1961, Moshe Safdie made a name for himself with his award-winning Habitat '67 project. Other projects include the Western Wall Precinct Plan and Musée de la Civilization. A recipient of the highest honors in the field of architecture, he has written extensively on the subject and taught at Harvard, Yale, McGill, and Ben Gurion.

  • Gold Medal, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, 1995

  • Fellow, American Institute of Architects

  • Award for Excellence, The Canadian Architect, for Western Wall Precinct Plan

  • Massey Medal, Royal Architectural

  • Institute of Canada, for Habitat '67

"The National Gallery is set on a promontory overlooking Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River. The museum celebrates a place of art in the capital skyline and is a counterpoint to the Gothic library of Parliament and Notre Dame Basilica. With the Parliamentary library a solid, richly articulated by its flying buttresses, the Great Hall of the National Gallery is a transparent crystal, a great urban room, a winter garden transforming into a candelabra in Ottawa's long winter nights."

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