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Michael Graves - Newark Museum Watch

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If we can't make time infinite, we can at least contemplate endless space.

Newark Museum Watch (1998) 2008

Newark Museum Watch 10th Anniversary Model

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original Newark Museum Watch, we have re-launched a bigger rendition of this classic design.

The updated model measures 42mm/1.65” in diameter (from 33mm) and 1/3” in thickness. The soft glow button illuminates the center dial allowing for easy reading in darkness.

The Newark Museum Watch is made of stainless steel with a 3/4" (20mm) wide black leather band with matching buckle.

[blockquote style="" align="" author="- Michael Graves"]In the Newark Museum Watch, there is a feeling of depth that one doesn't usually associate with timepieces, between the orange, brick red and blue rings emphasizing the face of the crystal, and the actual watch face beyond the "glow" feature, with its orange, brick red and blue colored light, seems to increase the feeling of depth.[/blockquote]

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