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Orange Tryo; contemporary watch with flair!

[blockquote style="" align="" author=""]The interplay between minutes and hours change continuously as does the interplay between time and architecture, connecting the present with the future.[/blockquote]

The Orange Tryo Watch; contemporary watch with flair!  Is the first installment of the TRYO Trilogy Collection, this watch has a gray dial with a circular red second hand marking discreetly placed that revolves around the watch.  The hour and minute hands are clearly indicated in green and yellow.

The dial has an appropriate positioned "12" at the top and complimented with an orange croc-embossed leather band.  Yes, orange Tryo; contemporary watch with a flair...what better way to describe this thoroughly modern timepiece.

The TRYO Watch utilizes a stainless steel case. Three concentric circles nestle atop the dial starting with the hour hand in the center and graduating to the second hand in the outer circle. The unique "trio" of hands complements each other with their precise proportion and a suitable accent of color.

This beautiful 36mm case (1.42") is 7.35mm thick (0.29") and has no visible lugs or "ends" that connect to the bezel or distract the even flow of the one continuous band. The TRYO Watch is the elegant watch perfect for day or evening.

TRYO is available in three variations: Black Dial, Gray Dial and White Dial
TRYO Black dial and hands with a circle of white and a "splash" of red to satisfy any purist. TRYO black comes with what else? A black band.
TRYO Layered White dial accented with orange, gray and green and comes with a gray leather band.

TRYO Layered Gray dial accented with red, yellow and green and comes with an orange leather band.

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