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Projectswatches Iridium Watch


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Projectswatches Iridium Watch

To call the Projectswatches Iridium watch unique or cool is just plain understated. The cool factor is exemplified by the blue hour hand and the red minute hand. When the minute passes over the hour, it becomes purple!  The Projectswatches Iridium Watch is our best kept secret.  You are most assured that you will own unique watch that looks fantastic for dress or casual wear.  It is all about the look (and of course, the time!).  This watch will not disappoint.

Projectswatches Iridium Watch has all white lens crystal with blue (hour) and red (minute) revolving numbers that change to purple as the minute passes over the hour under the opaque lens.

Projectswatches Iridium's case measures 38mm in diameter (1 1/2") and 8.7mm high (0.34") and is made of brushed stainless steel utilizing Swiss parts. Iridium comes with a buttery soft black leather band and matching buckle that has no visible lugs, providing a seamless connection from band to watch case. Water-resistant to 150ft.

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