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Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch

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[title text="Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch"]

The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch is the 4th in our series of Witherspoon designs right after the unisex watch, ladies watch and the Witherspoon Wall Clock.

Weighing in at over 4 oz. The Witherspoon Watch is available with or without a stainless steel chain. Made of all stainless steel, it has a round back and round glass front making it “cool” to the touch. One of those items you will find yourself wanting to hold as much as to wear. The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch has a date at the 5:00 position between the “4” and “6” in white with black lettering for ease of viewing.

If you are a lot like most people, that little change pocket in your jeans is not actually for change.  It was created to house the pocket watch.

The pocket watch has come a long way from the 1600s when men first began to wear pocket watches around the neck as pendants.  It was not until the late 1600s when the waistcoat was introduced that the pocket watch began to find its home....the small pocket!

It wasn't until the rise of railroading in the 1800s that the pocket watch began to come into its element with the need for "precise" time.   And it was not until 2013 when The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch was introduced.  It might have taken The Red Witherspoon Wristwatch to pave the way for The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch.  Whatever, the reason, it is here!

The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch draws its inspiration like its "sister" Witherspoon designs from The Paul Robeson Center for the Arts on "Witherspoon Street" in Princeton, New Jersey. The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch is bold in its red color and scale. There will be no misreading the time here. The Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch has large white numbers with raised silver indexes.

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