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Scallop Celadon Watch - 2017 GOOD DESIGN Award

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Scallop Celadon Watch in stainless. It measures 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and has a 20mm wide brown leather band. The watch measures 10″ from end to end with 7″ to the closest hole and 8 3/4″ inches from the farthest hole.


Design: Michael Graves (2013) 2016

Michael Graves designed the SCALLOP CELADON WATCH in 2013 and it has been thoughtfully realized in 2016!

The SCALLOP Celadon Watch has taken more than three years to come to market, due to technical challenges that had to be overcome in order to achieve its original design intent. The Guilloche dial engraving technique has been found in fine jewelry and on Faberge eggs since the 17th century. It has been utilized here to express the full vision and richness of this quality-made timepiece. With its symmetrical rigor and shell-like geometry (a form favored in many artifacts designed by Michael Graves), the SCALLOP Watch is sure to become a highly sought after design icon.

SCALLOP is a 40mm Ladies Watch available in three variations: Stainless steel case with lavender guilloche dial on blue band, rose gold case with guilloche dial on brown leather band and Graves signature celadon colored guilloche dial in stainless steel case on a brown band (pictured here).

Guilloche is the pattern of curved symmetrical lines on the dial (face) of the watch. The guilloche effect on the dial is created by first laying a fine film of the guilloche pattern over the dial of the watch. An acid wash is then painted over the voided areas without the guilloche pattern. These areas treated by the wash are etched away into a 0.1mm deep pattern. After this etching treatment the dial has a raised “guilloche pattern” with plain recessed areas below it. The Scallop Celadon dial is then colored utilizing an ionic electro-plating process.

SCALLOP WATCH is a proud winner of the coveted 2017 GOOD DESIGN AWARD
The SCALLOP CELADON Watch while available with a brown band has many other color band options available.

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