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Shenandoah Ladies 20mm Royal Blue Dial

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This exciting collection draws from Graves' newly designed Shenandoah Museum. Designed specifically with the smaller wrist in mind The Shenandoah Watches measure ¾" W x 1" L with a band just under ½" wide.

Each watch has a durable stainless steel case and comes with a genuine soft leather band or stainless steel band. Shenandoah's hands are matte with polished tips that clearly define time.

[blockquote style="" align="" author="- Michael Graves"]The goal was to create something entirely new and very personal in this new exciting Collection. We think we've achieved this goal brilliantly with the Shenandoah Watch Collection. The women's watch is petite and very charming. We designed a face that is simple, modern and elegant in a stylish array of colors to complement the small silver frame of the watchcase.[/blockquote]

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