Figure 5 in Gold

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Figure 5 in Gold

Figure 5 in Gold watch is adapted from Charles Demuth’s (American, 1883–1935) vibrant painting The Figure 5 in Gold (1928). Projectswatches was commissioned to create a watch based upon this design of Charles Demuth and commissioned by The New York Museum of Metropolitan Art.

The dynamic study refers both to Demuth’s friend, the poet William Carlos Williams, and his poem “The Great Figure,” which begins: “Among the rain/and lights/I saw the figure 5/in gold/on a red/firetruck.” In the center of the composition are three figure 5’s, appearing to either recede or rush forward, depending on the eye of the viewer. The painting emanates energy, motion, and speed, qualities encapsulated by a powerful, commanding firetruck as well as by Williams himself, a boisterous extrovert and respected friend and adviser to the art world. (Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949, 49.59.1).

The Figure 5 in Gold was representative of Projects involvement in helping museums achieve "like" design representatives of their prized collection.

Other museum watches included "Where Are We" from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts along with the MoMA Watch of 2012.

The Figure 5 is currently out of production.


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