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Metropolitan Museum of Art Time Flies

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Time Flies

The Egyptians used the hieroglyphic script for nearly 3500 years, from about 3100 b.c. until the end of the third century a.d. Some hieroglyphs were simplified images or pictures, called ideograms, which were symbols for the objects they looked like. For example, a wavy line meant “water.” The Egyptians also used hieroglyphs phonetically, stringing together the sound of the symbols without their original meaning. An equivalent in English would be to spell “belief” with pictures of a bee and a leaf. It is possible to construct riddles using hieroglyphs in this manner. Because English and ancient Egyptian are not from the same language family, some sounds used by the Egyptians do not exist in our alphabet, and some of our sounds do not exist in Egyptian.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Time Flies, designed for The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, is based upon Egyptian Hieroglyphics dating back to 3100 BC. Copper dial and black graphics.

Reading clockwise, the hieroglyphs on this watch translate to “Time Flies.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art Time Flies Watch is out of production.

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