Antoine Predock Stealth

Stealth has a black exterior and a white interior and measures 8″ H.



This all black cookie jar has no equal. Dubbed the “Stealth” after the secret fighter plane it can evade not only radar, but can hide those “coveted” sweets from those not inclined to accept the vessel as the cookie jar. With Stealth’s many angles Predock introduces a sculpted vessel as art. The lid fuses into the body making it one with the body. Stealth has a black exterior and a white interior and measures 8″ H.


Antoine Predock

Antoine Predock

The distinguished career of Antoine Predock is marked by diversity: museums such as the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa; performing arts centers, including the Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center and City Hall; residences, elementary schools, university and office buildings. Featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books, he has also been a visiting professor and critic at prestigious universities, including Harvard and Southern Californian Institute of Architecture.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Columbia University
  • Albuquerque Chapter 25-Year AIA Award of Excellence for La Luz, 1993
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, University of New Mexico, 1989 Fellow, American Institute of Architects

'The Pantheon' travels through time, transcending the vagaries of architectural style, theory, and function. Its classicizing tendencies are overwhelmed by the raw power of its presence. As the ray of light through its oculus charts the movement of the sun, this 'timepiece' is a reminder of the timelessness of this great architecture."

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