Deja Vu White Timepiece


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Deja Vu White Timepiece

What Time Leaves Behind….

[blockquote style=”” align=”right” author=”- Denis Guidone”]This watch contemplates time. Time is present, here and now. Yet at the same time a memory as the hours and minutes leave a ‘gradient’ in its wake representing both past and present with th[/blockquote]

The Sweep of Time or what time leaves behind is the perfect description for The Dèjà Vu White Timepiece. The hour hand, the smaller of the two is a white opaque at the edge of the hour and gradually moves to a more transparent white in the wake of the hour. The same is true of the minute hand but becomes more interesting as it passes over the hour hand leaving a clear path of the Dèjà Vu White Timepiece or particles below.

This Dèjà Vu White Timepiece measures 33mm in diameter (1.30″) and 8.00mm high (0.32″) making it a perfect unisex size! The IP plated black stainless steel case is complimented by an 18mm rubber band with black buckle. Dèjà Vu White is available two ways; either with a black rubber band or a black mesh stainless steel band. Or you may just want to order an extra band to fit your different moods! Choose your preference on check out.

Actual working model animation

1 lbs

Black IP Stainless Steel



Band Material