Digital Destruction


Digital Destruction is a 40mm (1.57″) watch and 9.40mm (0.37″) high.
It is made of either black IP or brushed stainless steel and complemented by a 20mm (0.75″) black leather band.

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Digital Destruction Black Stainless Steel Watch

Digital Destruction Black Stainless Steel Watch shows time marching on. The old must make way for the new, but sometimes it does not go willingly as with the Digital Destruction Watch. Set in an analog body, the traditional mechanical dial seems to have shattered to make way for the digital LCD screen.

The “crown” is actually a button that switches between time, second, and date modes, as well as activate the backlight.

The Digital Destruction LCD Watch is sure to raise eyebrows in confusion.  Is it an analog watch or a digital watch?  Or is it the result of the watch blown up?  Most likely both!  The analog hands are fixed and sandwiched in between two glass crystals.  You have to love the sense of humor that Ross McBride exemplifies with his Digital Destruction design.  A watch assured to make you smile with it paradoxes.

Digital Destruction has been designed to look like an analog watch with its minimalist button (one on the right for viewing time and date and the other on the left for adjusting the time and date!).  When was the last time you saw a combination minimalist analog design set within a digital LCD timepiece?  This watch is guaranteed to both confuse and bring a smile to your face!

The Digital Destruction Watch is a unisex watch measuring 40mm in diameter (1.57″). It is available in three styles: black IP stainless steel with black leather band, natural brushed stainless steel with black leather band, or brass colored stainless steel with brown leather band, and displays time in a military style 24 hour format (ex. 22:00 = 10:00 pm).

Weight 1 lbs

40mm (1.57”)


9.40mm (0.37″)


Black Stainless Steel



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About Ross McBride

Ross McBride earned his bachelor's degree in graphic design from the California Institute of the Arts, and upon graduation in 1985, moved to Tokyo where he has lived ever since.

McBride furthered his graphic design studies as a research student at Japan University (Nippon Daigaku). He later worked in several design offices, including Igarashi Studio under the auspices of Takenobu Igarashi until breaking out on his own in 1991.

In 1997 he initiated a move in the direction of product design with his first public exhibition, "12 Timepieces", at the Ozone Gallery in Tokyo. In 2000, K.K. Normal was established in order to manage McBride's product, furniture, and interior projects. Mc Bride has since exhibited at 100% Design London, Salone Satellite in Milan, ICFF New York, Tokyo Designers Block, and Tokyo Designers Week among others.

Ross McBride has been honored with three Good Design awards (Japan), the Tokyo Designers Block Best Installation Award, the IF Product Design Award (Germany), and the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2010 (Germany).

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