While we are not certain that this Lunaround moon watch will help you forecast the tides or even the next Harvest Moon, we are certain that the Lunaround will move and rotate as does the actual moon!

The Lunaround Watch is a black IP stainless steel watch measuring 40mm in diameter. The red minute and second hands punctuate the “luna” or moon shaped hour hand that rotates one complete cycle every 12 hours not unlike its namesake. Within the center of the moon (hour hand), the hour digits can also be seen moving. Be sure to check out our video, it shows Lunaround in action. Look carefully, because not only is the hour hand moving showing the hour numbers inside, but, the entire round “moon” is rotating as well.

The Lunaround Watch is gray and black and accented with red hands making it the perfect timepiece for both day or evening wear.

Lunaround is a unisex watch measuring 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and 8.8mm (0.35″) high. Lunaround measures 10″ from end to end with 7″ to the closest hole and 8 ¾” inches from the farthest hole.  Lunaround is made of a black IP stainless steel and comes with a 20mm (3/4″) black leather band. An optional black silicone
band is also available.

Sped up animation

Actual working model animation

1 lbs

Black IP Stainless Steel



Band Color
Band Material

Alex Garzon

Alex Garzon is an Architect, designer and sculptor that studied Architecture at the La Salle University in Colombia.

He worked as a TV set designer for about 3 years at Caracol TV. During this time he won 3 architectural competitions sponsored by the Colombian Society of Architecture. For the first one he was awarded 3rd prize at “International competition for Ideas Homage for Architect Le Corbusier” where one of the jurors was Mario Botta. After that he received an honorific mention for “Draft of the Church and Parish Center” and the third one was another honorific mention for “XIII Architecture Biennial non building chapter”.
Opened his own studio in Bogotá, Colombia and during this time he design, built and re-build several projects including a couple houses, a 5 stories office building for a corporation and another 7 stories 21 apartment building.

In 1994 after moving to live at the USA he began to use his talents as a graphic designer and participated in a competition to create the logo for the “1994 Summit of the Americas”, a very important meeting where the presidents of all the American countries got together that year in the city of Miami. This time too he was one of the finalists.

After this he won the competition for the design of the poster for the “Art Deco Dore Carnival” in Miami Beach. He challenged him self with the creation of 25 historical models in scale during 3 years. Beginning with the drawings of the plans, elevations, etc. Using books, pictures and videos of the existing buildings, to then carefully began the process of cutting, one by one, every single detail of the building by hand, and adding the finishing touches of color and texture as in the real ones. Examples of those models are Saint Basilica Cathedral in Moscow, Taj-Mahal in India, Chambord Castle in France, and the Roman Coliseum in Italy.

The success of this project allow him to receive from the USA immigration service his permanent residency as an Alien of Extraordinary Abilities in Art, after accomplishing with it the most high prerequisite required for the approval.
While living in Miami, Fla. he also worked at GT scale models, and gain experience in model presentations.
Then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and worked for Mark Gardner and Associates doing 3D computerized modeling and rendering.

Always looking for challenges and growth, he moved to work for Michael Graves and Associates where during the following 6 years he was able to learn and use his talents as Senior Model Maker, producing high quality architectural models with the most sophisticate technology in this area: laser, cnc, metal etch, sla and more and also developing his craftsmanship by producing hundreds of handmade prototypes, at real scale sculptures of products ordered by major retail companies like Target, Lenox, Alessi to this well known industrial designing company.

In 2007, Alex and his wife Claudia formally opened their own office TAG- to make architectural models, computers renderings and design.
Behind all this last process, Claudia, who is an Industrial Designer from the Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia, has been the key support as partner and adviser.

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