Sometimes Watch with White Band


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Sometimes Watch with White Band

[blockquote style=”” align=”right” author=”- Denis Guidone”]Sometimes it’s better to stop thinking about the time, whatever happens, it will not stop. Hours, minutes and seconds continue to play together. Something will happen… Let’s wait.[/blockquote]

A Sometimes Watch with White Band. Now, this watch has possibilities. A perfect combination of classic and contemporary. The Black & White Sometimes Watch now with a white band is exactly that!  A black watch with a white band and black buckle highlighted only by the white color of the three hands.  Whether for work or play The Black & White Sometimes Watch with white band is for all of the times.

Sometimes Watch with white band is constructed of a black IP Stainless Steel for durability and built with a high quality quartz movement. What makes this timepiece truly unique is the way the band “feeds” through the bottom of the watch. There are two loops on the case back. The band simply slips through these loops. If you are “not feeling” the “white” band; no problem switch to another color band. This is perfect for those times you feel like being a bit less discreet! Sometimes Watch with white band comes standard with a white leather band or if you prefer, you can order an extra black band. By simply substituting one band color for another, your watch changes its look in an instant! OR if you prefer, order a black kevlar band or you can spice it up with a bit of color by ordering an extra orange, blue, or magenta band! So many possibilities, so little time!!!

Palette of Sometimes is both contemporary and classic, with elongated hands juxtaposed against the black dial. The second hand aligns with the minute and hour for but a moment. The independent movement of the seconds appear to be out of sync with time itself.

Sometimes measures 36mm in diameter (1.40″) and 8.60mm high (0.40″). The IP plated black stainless steel case is complemented by an 18mm one piece black leather band and buckle.

Scroll down a bit and see the two working models. One is the actual time and the other is a sped up version.  BTW: another great classic to consider is the all brass version with a brown suede band!

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