The Brand

We create beautiful, affordable, wearable works of art that showcase creators from around the world.



What's Your Project?

When we’re surrounded by beautiful objects, we feel happy. And who doesn’t want to feel happy?

Unfortunately, surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects is expensive. And this makes us feel sad. As much as we’d love to have a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and a wall-full of art by Banksy… that’s a difficult proposition. Sure we could buy knockoffs from someone on the internet, but, well, no. Because we also like to think of ourselves as creators.

Maybe not creators in the way our idols created, but creators nevertheless.

And the idea of stealing just doesn’t sit well with us.

And so we were left with a simple question: how can we both support the artists we love AND bring more beauty into our everyday lives?

Nearly 30 years ago, we set out to build a company to answer this question. Our Project was simple: we would partner with the best artists, designers, architects and engineers to make affordable, wearable works of art.

Art pieces for creators, by creators.

How many things can you buy in life that really give you joy? That’s what we’re trying to do.

Care to join us?



TIMELESS - It's difficult to date us. We’re not ultra-contemporary. We're not tied to a specific era of greatness.

Instead, we embody great design from all places and all times..

WHIMSICAL - sophisticated whimsy as best captured in our M&Co watches. We like to think of it as playfully sophisticated.

COLORFUL - Although we tend towards a minimalist aesthetic, we don’t do this at the expense of color.

In fact, we are known for the skillful use of color in our work.

ARTISTIC - We strive to make wearable works of art, not disposable junk designed by committee.