Stanley Tigerman Mailbox


Stanley Tigerman Mailbox

This  Stanley Tigerman mailbox in replica-like barn that he designed in Lakeside, Michigan in 1984.  The body holds the mail and the top bar is slated for name or address.

Who better to design an architect mailbox or “House” for your mail than those who design your house!

Icons of 20th century architecture created mailboxes in 1990.  Participating designers included:  Michael Graves, Stanley Tigerman and Robert Venturi.  These mailboxes were unique in their approach and made of steel and USPS approved.

The original concept of this program was “America”.  Products designed by American architects and made in the U.S. for Projects.

If you are lucky enough to own one of these architect mailboxes today, you have a collector’s item representative of the 90s.

These mailboxes have been out of production since 1991.  One has become available from a Collector.


Stanley Tigerman

With deep roots in Chicago, Stanley Tigerman has designed buildings and installations throughout the world. In 1988 he designed the installation for the Art Institute of Chicago's exhibition, "Chicago Architecture: 1872-1922." The following year he organized "99 Chicago Architects" exhibition at Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. Cofounder / director of ARCHEWORKS, a new design laboratory and school geared to the socially conscious needs of society today, Tigerman has also lectured extensively on the subject of architecture.

  • Master of Architecture, Yale University
  • 1992 Illinois Academy of Fine Arts Award
  • Former Director of School of Architecture, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Fellow, American Institute of Architects

"I am committed to the creation of a contemporary and authentically American architecture that is characteristic of its own time and place. This philosophy leads me to assemble the standard ingredients essential to architectural production; to interact, to question, to challenge, to collaborate in order to reach a consensus and then to create a building that represents the collective energies of the client and society."

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