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Claire Desjardins

Claire Desjardins

Claire Desjardins is an abstract painter and textile artist based in Gore, Quebec, Canada who regularly exhibits her work throughout North America. Her paintings delve into the visual possibilities of gesture and color; emphasizing energetic, animated brush strokes and bold and colorful palettes. She also strives to communicate a sense of the personal and unpredictable in her work, infusing her paintings with this sense of immediacy and depth of emotional expression.

He has written 8 books that have sold over 300,000 copies and developed plays with the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive, Naked Angels Theater, and The Actor’s Centre in London. He has three written produced feature film screenplays to his credit. You can listen to hundreds of short stories now available in a podcast.

Experienced in working on corporate commissions - most notably through her ongoing work with major retailers, Claire is highly comfortable and adept at using her own artistic intuition to respond to the vision and design goals of unique brands. She travels regularly, and feels deeply connected to the vibrant spirit and wider culture of the world around her.

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