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Riki Prosper

Riki Prosper

Atlanta native Riki Prosper creates pop culture concepts through graphic design. He has created fictional children’s books written by modern-day rappers, pinball machines based on famous hip-hop albums and skate decks based on various album artwork. Through vibrant colors, intricate details, and a unique visual language, Riki combines nostalgia with ideas from a distant future. 

From the artist:  "I remember as a kid just looking through my mom's big booklet of CDs, enjoying the cover art and occasionally taking them out to look at the back of the CD in different angles to see the constantly changing rainbows. With the CD Watch, I wanted to encapsulate that mix of constantly changing color with the passage of time. Depending on the light you're in and time of day, you see a completely new mix of colors."

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CD Watch | 40mm - Projects WatchesCD Watch | 40mm - Projects Watches
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