Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez

Hatch Watch STEEL


Utilizing a mixture of hatching and cross-hatching techniques, the face of Hatch Steel from design duo Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez is constantly evolving. As with the art of hatching, time is an ever-changing concept based upon distance from a given point. In this case, parallel lines are used to initiate a cross-hatching pattern as time changes throughout the day.

Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez

Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez are the Spanish design duo behind NEGROIMPAR, a studio centered around developing architectural and interior design products that aim to bring harmony, connection and joy to human relationships through principles of empathy and functionality. The two play off of each other’s strengths—Alvarez, an industrial designer and Lopez, an architect—to help enhance the users experience through creative solutions for domestic environments, workspaces and retail projects since creating NEGROIMPAR IN 2014. Since the foundation of their studio, Alvarez and Lopez have been recognized and showcased in well-known European design events, including SuperDesign Show, Cevisama and, most recently, the London Design Festival.


Weight: 0.5 lbs

Diameter: 40mm (1.57")

Height: 7.6mm (0.30")

Colors: Steel

Material: Brushed Stainless Steel

Movement: Japanese Quartz

Water-resistant: up to 5 ATM

Band Size: 20mm

Band Color: Black

Band Material: Leather

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