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Richard Meier High Museum Watch

Richard Meier High Museum Watch is an icon.  One of the original watches from the Building Timepieces Collection.

The Building Timepieces Collection commissioned architectural icons of the 20th century to create a wearable homage to museums and performing arts centers they had designed.

Richard Meier's design of The High Museum in Atlanta, focuses upon the interplay of space and light, reflecting the essence of the Museum’s soul. Similarly, his High Museum Watch uses a partially opaque dial and soft-glow button feature to play with light and space and day or night.  The Richard Meier High Museum Watch is perfect for day or evening wear.

The unisex sized case of the Richard Meier High Museum Watch measures 36mm in diameter (1.42") and 7.35mm thick (0.29"). It is made of a brushed stainless steel and has a clear cut-out index on the frosted dial marking the twelve o’clock position. It is available with either a stainless steel mesh band or a soft-white colored leather band. The High Museum Watch is water-resistant to 100ft.

[blockquote style="" align="" author="- Richard Meier"]"My Work is an attempt to find, to reveal, and to redefine a sense of order, to extract from our culture both the timeless and topical. This, to me, is the basis of style. Fundamentally, my meditations are on space, form, light and how to make them. The goal is presence, not illusion, and this I pursue with unrelenting vigor for I believe that this is the heart and soul of architecture.[/blockquote]

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