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Witherspoon AQUA 30mm



The Ladies Witherspoon Watch measures 30mm (1.15″) in diameter and has a 16mm wide black leather band. The watch measures 9″ from end to end with 6 3/4″ to the closest hole and 8 5/8″ inches from the farthest hole.

Witherspoon AQUA 30mm

Designer: Michael Graves

The Ladies Aqua Projects Witherspoon Watch is filled with subtle detail; from the matching aqua color on the crown (that which turns and sets the time), to the matching white stitching on the leather band. There is no misreading the time here. The Witherspoon Watch has large numbers with raised indexes. We love the Witherspoon Watch so much, that we now have it available in a smaller ladies size (be sure to check out the unisex size one as well), and in 2012 we introduced the Witherspoon Clock. In 2013, we introduced the Red Witherspoon Pocket Watch…and stay tuned we love Witherspoon SO MUCH...that there will be more Witherspoons to come!

In the heart of Princeton New Jersey, the renovations on Witherspoon Street have become The Paul Robeson Center for the Arts. The project's Honorary Chairman and designer Michael Graves describes it as a "landmark project for Princeton which will make an enormous contribution to the cultural life of our community."  The Witherspoon Street Art Council is bold in scale and colorful in spirit – just like Graves’ latest bold and colorful timepiece for PROJECTS – the "Witherspoon" Watch! The scale of the dial (face) is grand; just like the oculus window overlooking the pocket park in Princeton, and the colors are bright, bold and spirited.

Witherspoon is also the namesake of this timepiece for PROJECTS. Like his building, The Witherspoon Watch is bold in its use of color and scale. The watch evokes the rich tones of the building's blue and rust color bricks as well as its bold vistas of the town's center.

The Ladies Aqua Witherspoon Watch has black hands and a yellow second hand.

This smaller version of the unisex Witherspoon, this 30mm Ladies version has all the correct proportions for the smaller wrist.

The Ladies Witherspoon measures 30mm in diameter (1.15") and 8.45mm high (0.33"). Made of stainless steel, this specially sized ladies watch is complemented by a 16mm black leather band (5/8") with white/color stitching.

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