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Witherspoon RED Clock

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Witherspoon RED Clock

Designer: Michael Graves

12" Red Witherspoon Wall Clock

Red Witherspoon Clock!  Our ever popular Witherspoon Watch is now available as a clock! This beautiful 12” Wall Clock has a quiet sweep second hand making it perfect for not only living spaces, but for bedroom or wherever sound is a concern.

Graves' bold use of color is mirrored by his design and bold colors of the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts which he recently re-designed. It is located on "Witherspoon" Street in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Red Witherspoon Wall Clock is made of stainless steel.  It has a red dial with a blue second hand and black hour and minute hands.  This clock is QUIET!  Now, thats a clock worth having.  No annoying ticks or you don't have to worry about finding the clock in the closet after your guests leave because the ticking was keeping them up all night!

Made of stainless steel with an red color dial with black hour and minute hands and complemented with a blue second hand (Aqua color dial with black hour and minute hands with yellow second hand for blue version). The movement is encased in ABS plastic for protection and flexibility for hanging.

Ships only within U.S.

Color: Red

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