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Towards Watch

Unique and Contemporary

[blockquote style="" align="right" author="- Denis Guidone"]Ergonomic shape and angle for ease of telling time.[/blockquote]

Unique and contemporary, Towards' construction is as much about style as it ergonomics.  The 40mm case is tilted toward the wearer at an angle. Towards is a true ergonomic timepiece with both large numbers and an easy to view date box. To emphasize the re-orientation, the number twelve
is printed on the glass. The crown is placed below it on the case. And the date calendar placed at the 4 o'clock position.

This unique and contemporary Towards Watch connects seamlessly from band to case. Characterized by this slanted case is a 20 degree shift in the position of the number twelve. The face is simple and elegant. Even during the flurry of fingering a keyboard, time is visible at a glance making the need to twist the wrist a thing of the past!

Towards' unique features include the number "12" painted on the underside of the lens. The indices are painted and attached on the dial and the crown (that which adjusts the time) off center.

Towards unique and contemporary watch measures 40mm in diameter (1.57") and 10.0mm (0.39") high at the lowest point of the case (remember the case is angled like a ramp!).  The highest part of the case is 14.79mm (0.58") high. The IP plated stainless steel case is complemented by a 20mm leather band with black buckle.

Color variations include yellow numbers and indices on a black dial, white numbers and indices on black dial, or black numbers and indices printed on a white dial.

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